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Entrepreneur, Government, Community, partners and professionals. All these agents are important to us, as to the end the diversity, cooperation, collaboration, kindness, the participation and engagement are crucial to improving the city management and quality of life.

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At MYR we are urban planners, engineers, geographers, biologists and sociologists, specialists, Masters and Doctors, prepared to meet environmental and urban demands, incorporating best practices and aligned with ethical, sustainability and social responsibility.

Our Team

National and international institutions and companies rely on MYR services to make cities and enterprises sustainable. Check them out:

Our Clients

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Cities have an incredible ability to reinvent themselves. We can contribute to making them better by creating a supportive environment for creativity, innovation and opportunities. And how does this occur?

In a balanced, intelligent way, with practical and truly sustainable solutions. Count on the knowledge and know-how of MYR.

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Licensed Enterprises

+R$ 30 billions

Public and private investments made possible

It was following the sustainable development objectives that we elaborated studies, plans and programs for national and international investments in the areas of urban development, energy, mobility, sanitation, sustainability and climate change!

Success Cases

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Planning and management of urban and environmental assets: "territorial intelligence" subsidizes a platform for the development of cities, the country and society as a whole.

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Competence in environmental and urban planning: Focusing on the sustainable and intelligent development of cities, regions and communities, we work in the environmental and urban areas, offering strategic and technical support from the conception of the projects. Learn how we are improving cities, communities and know our services:

Our Services

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To build "the city we want", with quality of life, mobility, a balanced environment, transparency and participation, we need dynamism, innovation and the development of a new economy.

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MYR has achieved a lot here, but we are nowhere near where we can get:


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Millions of Benefited People

As specialists in "territorial intelligence", the demands are related to urban / environmental planning and management. We innovate by offering City Information Modeling (CIM) solutions for innovative responses using the SIG / GIS platform.

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ESRI / Imagem is the largest georeferencing company in the world. MYR is your national network, offering innovative solutions that add quality and efficiency.

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We believe in happier PEOPLE, in PLACES that are inclusive and with vitality, in sustainable CITIES and in the BEST practices and opportunities. This is possible, it is what we propose, it is what we do.




with planning, management and participation


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Get in touch and discover how we can help you transform your project's constraints and challenges into competitive advantages that improve the quality of life of the communities involved!